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The Stage Gopher web application is designed, developed, and maintained by Morgan Wade through Kingston Data and Web, based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The original stand-alone prototype application was developed in conjunction with Domino Theatre in Kingston, Ontario, with requirements and input gathered from their costume and set departments. Stage Gopher is version 2.0 of this application, adding the Inter-Company Search, Production History, and a number of other enhancements.

Kingston Data and Web specializes in custom database and web application development for small to medium sized organizations across Eastern Ontario. We are a collective of freelance programmers, developers, and graphic designers that can take on any custom application project, big or small. If you can imagine the software application, we can build it. And, as a freelancer collective, we have low overhead and we can complete your project at the most competitive prices.

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We have a diverse range of skills and expertise, including but not limited to: C#, .Net, SQL Server, Oracle, VB.Net, ASP.Net, T-SQL, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, WordPress, Drupal, Telerik, jQuery, Java, Java Servlets, Perl, CSS, SASS.

We utilize the technologies and platforms best suited to the requirements of your particular project.